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PRIBOY health-improvement facility

Priboy health-improvement facility is situated in a picturesque corner of the Azov sea shore in Zaporozhye region.
Seven two- and three-storied dormitory blocks are situated on Priboy territory. Twin-bedded and three-bedded comfortable rooms are available for holiday-makers, with TV set, refrigerator, shower and toilet facilities provided in each room.
One will not become bored: a lot of attractions, such as billiards, leisure-time entertainments, game-playing machine, tennis courts, chess, draughts, volleyball and basketball grounds and football field, are available for children and adults, as well as a beauty spa centre, fitness center, sauna bath, cinema hall and library.
Several spacious playgrounds are provided for children.
Having visited Priboy health-improvement facility, one will appreciate its excellent natural environment, climate and personnel’s hospitality.

Priboy health-improvement facility
# 81, Kurortnaya str., Primorsk, 72100
Zaporozhye region, Ukraine
Tel.: +38(06137) 7-24-22; 7-20-76

voucher Sale department, Motor Sich JSC
# 19, Omelchenko str, Zaporozhye, 69068, Ukraine
Tel.: +38(0612) 720-42-26; 720-42-05

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