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Outpatient Department

The outpatient department is a treatment and preventive unit designed for 900 visits per day; it provides high-quality medical assistance to the employees working at the company, and it organizes and implements the whole range of therapeutic, preventive, and anti-epidemic measures. Doctors of 23 medical specialties provide medical assistance at outpatient department that includes also a vaccination center and 9 health care centres at the company territory.
The outpatient department works within an automated system of the total preventive annual check-ups for employees, which allows evaluating their health status. The automated system of the total preventive annual check-ups has changed the function of the doctor, especially factory's sectorial doctor who is a general medicine doctor: the doctor follows up all persons with established diagnoses. Each factory's sectorial doctor follows up about 600 to 800 patients, while a doctor with a narrow medical speciality follows up about 200 to 300 patients. The outpatient department has always had high performance indicators.

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