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The MOTOR SICH medical facility

X-ray diagnostic department:
Hitachi multispiral 16-slice computed tomography may perform the following examinations of any organ and system:

  • brain examination;
  • examination of cranial bones and facial skeleton bones (including examination of the temporal bones in special setups);
  • neck examination (including functional examination methods for the larynx);
  • chest organs examination;
  • abdominal cavity examination;
  • pelvic organs examination;
  • retroperitoneal space examination;
  • spine examination;
  • spinal cord examination;
  • limbs examination;
  • breast examination;
  • multidetector computed tomography of the body with the express diagnostics of any part of the body;
  • The information obtained is processed on a computer, with the 3D digital image reproduced. Image contrast enhancement methods are widely used for examinations: indirect image contrast enhancement (an iodine-containing contrast medium is injected into organ cavities); and direct image contrast enhancement (to obtain the image of tissue vascularization).

Densitometry The Medix DK densitometer is intended to:

  • detect osteoporosis at the earliest stage;
  • select an individual medication therapy for bone remodeling.

HI VISION Avius ultrasound diagnostic scanner

НMultix-1 modern X-ray equipment by Siemens, Baccara X-ray equipment, France, and Indiacom-01 X-ray diagnostic complex, Ukraine, are used for X-ray examination:

  • X-ray imaging and X-ray fluoroscopy of the chest cavity and abdominal cavity.
  • X-ray imaging and X-ray fluoroscopy of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • X-ray imaging of bones and joints, including skull, paranasal sinuses;
  • Excretory urography;
  • Lateroscopy and laterography;
  • Tomography.

Motor Sich outpatient department is provided with stationary photofluorography unit that makes clear ZX-ray images, both preventive and diagnostic, in 2 views.

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