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Otorhinolaryngology Department (Ent)

The ENT department is designed for 30 beds equipped with STORZ MEDICAL, Swiss, modern endoscopic equipment. Endoscopic diagnostics along with computerized X-ray tomography made it possible to raise the diagnostic level for ENT disorders.
The highest qualification category doctors work at ENT department; they are the first in the region who acquired the capability of applying a low-traumatic endoscopic surgical interference on the nasal cavities and paranasal sinuses. Introduction of endoscopic surgery on ENT organs made it possible to minimize trauma of a surgical intervention and to shorten significantly the postoperative rehabilitation period, improving its quality; to shorten patients’ hospital stay; and finally, to shorten the time of patient’s disability. For ENT surgeries in children, the following equipment is used: SV300 MINDRAY BIO - MEDICAL ELECTRONICS CO apparatus for assisted pulmonary ventilation; BLAKESIEY nasal tweezers; and a tonsillar loop.

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