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Endoscopic Services

Endoscopic equipment by Olimpus, Japan is used for:

  • Fibroezofagogastroduodenoscopy (diagnostic of mucosa condition, ulcers, space-occupying lesions, strictures, diverticula, etc.);
  • Colonoscopy (assessment of the colon mucosa);
  • Target biopsy.
  • TOSHIBA Aplio 300 ultrasound machine with a sensor (sectoral, convectional and linear) is used for cardiovascular examinations.

ALOKA 2000 and Sonoline, Simens ultrasound machine with a color Doppler and a complete set of sensors for examinations of:

  • heart and great vessels;
  • abdominal cavity organs;
  • genitourinary system;
  • endocrine glands;
  • mammary glands;
  • joints, soft tissues;
  • fetal examination with placental vessel dopplerography.

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