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Clinical Laboratory

The laboratory is provided with automated analyzers by Roche, Human (Germany), Vital scientific (The Netherlands), and AVL (France), and an automatic analyzer for blood chemistry tests by Selectra ProM. Currently, the Laboratory has tree departments: biochemical, immunological and general-clinical departments.

A wide range of clinical tests are done by the laboratory, such as hematological, immunological, serological, cytological, and blood chemistry tests:

  • hematology (complete blood count that includes 18 parameters);
  • serological tests (blood type, rhesus factor, isoimmune antibodies);
  • biochemical parameters of blood and urine (the list of biochemical studies is more than 50 tests: metabolism, enzymes, electrolytes, etc.)
  • hormones (reproductive hormones, hormones of the thyroid gland);
  • infections (hepatitis, syphilis, chlamydia, torch-infection, detection of viral and bacterial infections);
  • tumor markers;
  • indicators of hemostasis;
  • diagnostics of cardiovascular diseases;
  • cytological examinations of various biological materials.

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