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«Tender» automated system is intended for arrangement of tendering processes for delivery of commercial tools, jigs and fixtures on the basis of technical and commercial proposals, as well as for providing of transparent and trustworthy information.

    To gain access to «Tender» automated system, it is necessary:
  • to be in a contractual relationship with Motor Sich JSC for delivery of commercial tools, jigs and fixtures;
  • to have a respective decision of Motor Sich JSC management in the person of the President, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Technical Director.

All the relevant technical specifications of the company shops are placed in the section "Active tender".

A supplier, during 10 calendar days from notification on the official site, is allowed to offer a technical and commercial proposal in accordance with the shop’s technical specification in the section "Active tender".
If several proposals are available, the proposal with minimum price is displayed on the site in the section "Active tender" without indication of the supplier from which it came. Until the deadline for submitting proposals, any supplier may make the price of his proposal lower than the minimum price, then his price will be displayed for all the tenderers. The prices proposed by the suppliers shall be fixed as of the tender closing date (taking the exchange rate of National Bank of Ukraine into consideration) and may not be changed.
Upon the expiration of 10 calendar days, the access for the suppliers to introduce and update the information shall be closed.
The supplier’s proposal presented after the deadline for submitting proposals otherwise than through the «Tender» automated system, shall not be considered by the tender board.

The tender board shall consider the bids received and approve the tender results. If testing of tools, jigs and fixtures is necessary, the tender board shall consider the received bids after completion of the tests.

The results of tender are shown to the suppliers in the section "Tenders’ results".

    The contact info and the Motor Sich JSC subdivisions responsible for working with «Tender» automated system are as follows:
    Chief Process Engineer Department (UGT):
    Tel.: +38(061)720-52-32
    Computer Facilities and Communication Department (UVTIS)



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