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Personnel development

   In 2019, the Companys personnel policy was based on the principle of continuity of generations and aimed at providing the Company with trained workers and specialists, increasing the skill level of the personnel reserve and optimizing the personnel structure and labor force. Based on the analysis of the demands and policies of the career planning for 2020, reserve was formed for managers at all levels.
   According to the results of the unscheduled attestation, 129 engineers and technicians upgraded their qualification categories, including 23 young specialists.
   In order to provide qualified personnel for production, in 2019, 190 young specialists were employed, including 57 employees with higher education, 31 graduates of the Zaporozhye Aviation, Electrotechnical and other colleges and 101 graduates of the higher vocational schools.
   The results of training of the perspective personnel reserve consisting of young specialists with work experience at the Company of more than 5 years were reviewed. Based on the work results the Companys commission granted cash awards to nine specialists and two specialists upgraded their qualification category.
   To ensure the continuity of generations, mentors were assigned to the newly hired young workers. The mentors upgrade their qualification once every three years under the program "Social-psychological minimum." In 2019, 170 people were trained.

 Personnel training

   The personnel department constantly works on improving qualification of the Companys specialists.
    In 2019, 48,238 people were trained at the International Technical Center:
    - 109 employees completed training and obtained first specialty, 66 people obtained second specialty;
    - 869 employees and 1,733 engineers and technicians upgraded qualification;
    - 3,363 people received training on requirements of the certification bodies;
    - 42,098 employees received approvals for various types of work of increased danger.
   The aviation specialists were trained in 9 programs approved by the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine at the Aviation Training Center. In 2019, 50 study groups out of 130 employees were trained in the following programs:
    - Periodic training of aviation personnel on the Mi-2, Mi-8MSB type aircraft;
    - Retraining of flight personnel on the Mi-2, Mi-2MSB-1 helicopters;
    - Initial and periodic training of trainers (FI, TRI, SFI)
    - Periodic training of aviation personnel on radio communication in English;
    - "Training of pilots for obtaining private pilot certificates".
    Due to training of personnel at the Motor Sich Aviation Training Center without involvement of the third-party organizations, the Company saved UAH 11 million 921 thousand.
    One of the most important aspects of the personnel policy is upgrade of the specialists qualification which contributes to integration of the scientific-production and technical potential, connection between science and production, conduction of research and introduction of new technological processes and innovative projects.
    In 2019, 5 employees of the Company successfully defended their dissertations and received PhD degrees. To date, Motor Sich JSC employs 38 candidates of sciences and 2 doctors of science, 27 people are studying in the graduate school.
    548 employees of the Company are studying at the higher educational institutions while working.

    In 2019, systematic work was conducted on vocational guidance among students of the 9th, 10th and 11th grades of schools in Zaporozhye and Zaporozhye region to ensure the enrollment of students in the basic educational establishment Motorostroitel, ZAC, ZETC. In addition, the Company cooperated with the State Employment Center on providing the unemployed workers of the Zaporozhye region training and subsequent employment at the Company.
    The employees of the Company engaged in remote education at Zaporozhye Polytechnic National University using the state budget funds. 136 employees are receiving bachelor degree, 19 employees are receiving master degree and 11 employees are studying Avionics. 38 employees engaged in 1 semester study using the state budget funds at the Zaporozhye Electrotechnical College while continuing working. They are studying such subjects as Material Processing on Machines and Automated Lines, Power Engineering, Electric Engineering, Electromechanics.
    The trilateral cooperation agreement between Motor Sich JSC, Flight Academy of the National Aviation University and Zaporozhye Aviation College was concluded to train specialists for the Company on flight and technical operation of aircraft.
    19 people that graduated from Zaporozhye Aviation College and Zaporozhye Electrotechnical College enrolled using the state budget funds at the second year dual form of study at NAU KhAI in the following specialties: Aviation Engines and Power Plants, Technology of Production of Aviation Engines and Power Plants.
    At the premises of Zaporozhye Polytechnic National University and NAU KhAI annual Career Fair took place where the Company held presentations and provided career guidance to the students and departments.
    At the higher vocational school "Motorostroitel" extended session was held with participation of representatives of the Department of Career and Technical Education of the Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine, Department of Education of the Zaporozhye Regional State Administration and directors of the mechanical-engineering school of Zaporozhye and 11 regions of Ukraine. Based on the results of the session, it was decided to include the school in the state program with allocation of funds from the state budget for purchase of equipment for creation of the Training Center for Controlled Machine Operators at the school.
    In 2019, 1,615 people underwent internship at the Company, including:
    - 343 students from 7 universities enrolled in 49 specialties;
    - 421 students from 9 colleges enrolled in 21 specialties;
    - 851 students from 8 technical vocational schools and lyceums enrolled in 16 specialties, 470 continue their internship in 2020.
    In order to maintain corporate spirit and preserve labor dynasties, the Company engaged in recruiting children of the MOTOR SICH JSC employees after they graduated from universities, colleges and vocational schools:
    - during the summer holidays, 41 children of the Companys employees who study in the technical high schools, colleges and universities were employed in the workshops of main and auxiliary production.
    - 24 employees were rewarded after their children received employment at the Company after graduating from universities and colleges;

 Company youth policy

   In 2019, Motor Sich JSC carried out 77 youth activities under the Companys youth policy with participation of 4,500 young employees:
   - Company held the twelfth International Youth Scientific and Technical Conference named after A.F. Mozhaiskii with participation of 120 young specialists, including youth from the aircraft enterprises and specialized institutes of Zaporozhye, Kiev, Odessa, Dnepr, Kharkov, Cherkassy, Sumy, Nikolaev;
   - 288 young employees from 42 divisions took part in the professional skill competitions in 12 specialties. 67 participants took top places and were awarded with cash awards. 18 winners of the competitions upgraded their skill categories;
   - in 2019, Meridian youth tourist was visited by more than 4,000 people. Works on improvement and maintenance of the youth tourist site were performed. Sport and cultural events were held regularly during the season. More than 3,000 young employees participated in the events;
   - creativity poster competition under the subject Division emblem - symbol of success of entire team was held, 44 divisions of the Company participated in the event;
   - picked team consisting of 11 young employees participated in the regional military sports competitions Draftee, the Motor Sich JSC team came in first among the work collectives of the region;
   - 450 children of the Companys young workers were greeted at home on the New Year's Eve; - works were carried out to improve the Memorial to soldiers fallen in the Second World War in the village Kanevskoye; youth participation in the Requiem Rally, greetings of veterans and children of war was organized.

 Awards and incentives

   In 2019, employees of the Company were awarded for many years of dedicated work, high professionalism and significant contribution to the production development:
   with state awards on the Day of Machine Builder of Ukraine:
   - medal of Princess Olga of III degree - 1 employee of the Company;
   - honorary title "Honored Machine Builder of Ukraine" - 1 employee of the Company.
   with local government awards:
   - certificate of appreciation from the Zaporozhye Regional State Administration 4 people;
   - acknowledgement from the Chairman of the Zaporozhye Regional State Administration - 7 people;
   - certificate of appreciation from the Zaporozhye Regional Council - 4 people;
   - medal "For personal contribution to development of city Zaporozhye" 1 person;
   - title Honorary citizen of city of Zaporozhye 1 person;
   - certificate of appreciation from the Executive Committee of the Zaporozhye City Council - 16 people;
   - certificate of appreciation from the Shevchenkivsky District Administration - 33 people;
   - award pin "For service to Shevchenkivsky district" 3 people;
   23 employees of the Company received the honorary title "Honored Motor Builder", 20 employees - "Master-Gifted Hands", 11 employees - "Best Young Motor Builder". 37 employees received the commemorative medal "100 years of DEKA M-100".
   The young workers, specialists and employees were evaluated quarterly on the results of their economic activity and awarded for achieving the best results with certificates in the following categories:
   Best Young Worker - 30 people;
   "Best Young Master" - 20 people;
   Best Young Specialist - 25 people.
   All awardees received cash awards.
   In 2019, as part of the Collective Agreement concerning social support the workers and veterans of the Company received the following:
   - 24 veterans participants in the military actions, 33 veterans with status equivalent to the participants of the military actions and 357 participants of the labor front received cash awards in honour of the 74th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War, event Victory regiment was carried out.
   - 157 employees of the Company and 36 veterans that participated in local military actions and peacekeeping operations received cash awards in honour of the 31st anniversary of withdrawal of troops from the Republic of Afghanistan and Commemoration of participants in military operations on the territories of other states;
   - on the International Disabled Persons Day, 937 disabled workers and 621 veterans received cash awards.
   In 2019, 53,714 people visited the Museum of Technology. 1,200 excursions were conducted for specialists from the industry enterprises, foreign delegations, representatives of media, young professionals, students, pupils and residents of the city and region.

 Perspectives for 2020

   In 2020, the Motor Sich JSC personnel policy will be aimed at optimization of personnel structure and labor force, creation of educational and scientific-production complexes with a number of educational institutions in Zaporozhye, region and Ukraine to provide targeted training of personnel needed by the Company, development of personnel reserve, increase of qualification level of engineers and technicians for helicopter production and production of products from composite materials, creation of conditions for personal growth of employees and development of their intellectual and creative potential.
   In 2020, it is planned to provide employment for 550 students of the technical vocational schools in Zaporozhye, 150 college students and 250 students of the Ukrainian universities.

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