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Performance data of Motor Sich sports complex of the year 2020

In 2019 MOTOR SICH Sports Complex have prepared:

Masters of Sports of Ukraine - 9

  • Champions and the Ukrainian Cup winners among juniors and youth - 17;
  • Winners of championships and cups of Ukraine among juniors and youths - 16;
  • Champions and the Ukrainian Cup winners among adults - 10;
  • Winners of championships and cups of Ukraine among adults - 7;
  • The European championship winners and cup hampions among juniors and youths - 4;
  • The European championships winners among juniors and youth - 2;

Championships and the Ukrainian Cups among adults:

Gold medals:

Handball: MOTOR team – 2 medals.

Boat racing: Alexander Nadtoka – 2 medals.

High diving: Viktoriya Kesar – 4 medals.; Oleg Serbin; Evgeniy Naumenko.

Silver medals:

Beach volleyball: MOTOR team – 1 medals.

High diving: Oleg Serbin; Viktoriya Kesar; Evgeniy Naumenko.

Bronze medals:

Boat racing: Ieremiya Pogoreliy.

High diving:  Evgeniy Naumenko; Oleg Serbin.


 The European championships among juniors and youth:

Gold medals:

Taekwondo: Maxim Manenkov - 2 medals; Matvey Bruhnov; Martyros Tarhanyan.

Bronze medals:

Taekwondo: Diana Krush; Martyros Tarhanyan.

Handball team "Motor" took the 8th place in the subgroup (last) of the European Champions League of the 2019-2020 season. Reached 1/8 of the Sena-League.

Won: gold medals of the Ukrainian championship. Ukrainian Cup.

The factory football team "Motor" won gold medals in the championship of the Zaporozhye region. She won the Zaporozhye Cup. Speaking at the Ukrainian Championship among amateur teams of the 2019-2020 season, she took 3rd place in the group and reached the ¼ finals.

Preferential visits to the arena for workers of the enterprise - 2,800 people.

Recreational preferential swimming by the workers of the enterprise - 17571 people.

In 2020, 43 sports events were held among the divisions of the enterprise with coverage: 2804 people.

 Winners and prize winners of the 66nd Sports Contest of MOTOR SICH JSC

  I group II group III group IV group
I place 44 TPD EDB 65
II place 18 6 19 OCT
III place 46 3 62 OCD

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