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Auditing Committee



Alexandr N.Polyviany - Chairman, audit committee, Motor Sich JSC; Chief, department of salary accounting, financial administration, Motor Sich
Birth date: December 12, 1954
Education: in 1980 graduated from Kharkov Aviation Institute, speciality 'Aviation Engines'.


Lyudmila I. Zavgorodnaya - Chief Medical Officer of Motor Sich JSC Therapeutic-and-health-improving Centre
Date of birth: 29.05.1954
Education: In 1977 graduated Zaporozhye Medical Institute major in Neuropathologist. honored doctor of Ukraine, was decorated with the Princess Olga Order grade III.

Alexandr A. Barannyk - Head of computer, IT and communications department
Birth date: 17.10.1961
Education: In 1988 graduated from Dnepropetrovsk National University major in Radiophysics and electronics.

Sergei N. Vishnevskiy - Aeroengines Manufacturing Director Chief of Production Division
Birth date: 01.10.1954
Education: In 1981 graduated Kharkov Aeronautical Institute major in Aviation Engines

Andrey V. Zinchenko - Chief of JSC Motor Sich Personnel Department
Birth date: 05.11.1975
Education: In 1998 graduated Zaporozhye State Technical University major in Aviation Engines and Power Stations.  Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Prize Winner.

Valentin G.Pasternak - Member of the Audit Commission
Date of birth: 16.02.1954
Education: in 1976 graduated from Zaporozhye Machine-Building Institute, speciality 'Mechanical engineering, metal-cutting machines and tools'.
Leonid A.Pirogov - Member of the Audit Commission, Deputy Director of the separate division Motor Sich Helicopters for the production of blades
Date of birth: 14.04.1948
Education: in 1972 graduated from Zaporozhye Machine-Building Institute, speciality 'Foundry equipment and technologies'.


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