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Gynecology Department

The gynecology department is designed for 30 beds. The unit applies both medication treatment and the whole range of surgical treatment. To operate on female genital organs, endoscopic surgery equipment is available: the KARL STORZ contact operating micro register.
Endoscopic operations are characterized by low invasiveness, minimal blood loss, and rapid post-operative rehabilitation of patients.
Laparoscopy is used for diagnostic and operations. The use of modern techniques allows organ-saving operations.

The following types of surgeries, both planned and urgent, are performed by using endoscopic equipment:

  • tubotomy, tubectomy, tubular angle excision;
  • cystectomy, adnexectomy;
  • suture or endocoagulation of the ovaries;
  • conservative myomectomy;
  • suture plication;
  • adhesion separation by sharp and blunt dissection.

Hysteroscopy is used to examine the uterine cavity with an optical system both for diagnostics and treatment of various gynecological diseases. Hysteroscopy is carried out on the latest equipment with an endoscopic video system and a fiber-optic light guide that may be connected to Storz optics and Stryker light source. In some cases hysteroscopy allows surgeons to avoid laparotomy and sometimes to perform hysterectomy.

The following surgeries may be performed by means of operative hysteroscopy:

  • target biopsy of the endometrium;
  • resection of endometrial polyps;
  • resection of submucosal myomatous nodes up to 2.0 cm;
  • dissection of intrauterine adhesions and septa;
  • resection of hyperplastic endometrium;
  • endometrial resection and ablation;
  • removal of foreign bodies (intrauterine device, iud, etc.).

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