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MSB-8 Helicopter

The MSB-8 multipurpose commercial helicopter has been designed according to single-rotor (classic) configuration with tail rotor. Fuselage consists of nose section (crew compartment) and central section (cargo/passenger compartment), tail boom and tail boom pylon. A meteorological radar compartment with hatch of composite material is located at the front of crew compartment.
Main rotor has 5 blades of composite materials. Power plant is composed of two ТV3-117ВМА-SБМ1V engines, series 5, with electrical starting system.
The engines are installed upstream of the main gearbox.
Fuel system comprises 1 service tank installed downstream of the main gearbox compartment, 2 main tanks installed on starboard and portside of the fuselage. Auxiliary fuel tanks can be used.
The helicopter has the spacious cargo/passenger compartment (1.8 m high, 2.34 m wide, and 5.34 m long). Sliding passenger doors are located on starboard and portside. The doors and loading ramp are located at the rear.


Depending on configuration of purpose-designed equipment, the helicopter can solve a wide range of commercial tasks as follows:

  • Transportation of passengers;
  • Transportation of cargo inside cargo/passenger compartment and by means of external load sling system;
  • Search and evacuation of casualties due to emergency;
  • Emergency transportation of patients to medical providers;
  • Heliborne administering medical aid;
  • Fire extinguishing;
  • Very important person transportation.


Parameter Value
Maximum takeoff weight, kg 15 000
Standard takeoff weight , kg 12 500
Empty weight , kg 7 500
Maximum loading inside cargo/passenger compartment , kg 5 000
Maximum loading on external load sling system , kg 6 000
Maximum speed, km/h 300
Cruising speed, km/h 270
Service ceiling, m 7 500
Flying range, km  
- ferry range 1 467
- service range with maximum takeoff weight at altitude of 4 000 m
(with two auxiliary tanks)
1 035
- service range with maximum takeoff weight at altitude of 4 000 m
(with two auxiliary tanks)
1 230
Engine types and quantity 2 x TV3-117VMA-SBM1V series 5
One-engine takeoff power, h.p. 2 500
Engine starting system electrical

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