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TV3-237AG gas-turbine engine of industrial application is an uprated version of TV3-137 engine featuring electrical starting system instead of air starting system and higher power maintained up to temperature of +40 °C and altitude of 1000 m above sea level.
TV3-237AG gas-turbine engine of industrial application is a part of EP-1000/50-E3 power drive used in PAES 1000G-T400-M01 power units.

Main advantages:

  • High efficiency;
  • High ecological indices;
  • Two drive versions:

  • - using liquid fuel;
    - using gaseous fuel.

Basic specifications:

Rated power (H = 1000 m, tamb = +40 °C), kW 1,200
Output shaft rotational speed, min-1 15,000±300
Direction of rotation (if looking at output shaft) counterclockwise
Fuel consumption at rated power, kg/h:  
liquid fuel 352
gaseous 320
Engine efficiency at rated load, % 25
Overall dimensions, mm 2,055x628x728
Mass, kg 285

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