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Gas Turbine Electric Power Plant of external combustion 2.5 MW GTEUVS-2.5MS

GTEUVS-2.5MS External Combustion Gas Turbine Electric Power Plant is designed for heat and electric energy generation using various combustibles as fuel, including low-calorie ones:
- top furnace gas, coking plant gas and ferroalloy gas;
- coalmine methane, shale pyrogas and coal dust;
- synthesis gas or generator gas generated during recycling of waste and residential solid waste;
- dry biomass, etc.

The project was awarded with diploma of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for being ranked 3d in the advanced energy efficient and energy saving technologies contest.

Main merits:

  • is running by using various fuel types;
  • use of existing GTPGS;
  • stable operation independently and in parallel to the external power grid;
  • reparability, simple and easy control;
  • does not require heavy capital investment for commissioning.

Basic specifications:

Thermal power introduced in compressed air heating device by fuel, MW 13,69
Effective electric power, MW 2350
Thermal discharge of effluent gases, MW 4,75

Thermal power of turbine waste air, MW

Thermal power of exhaust-heat boiler, MW 7,20
Thermal efficiency compressed air heating device, % 69,6
Electrical efficiency of complex, % 17,2
Fuel efficiency of cogeneration complex, % 75

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