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The purpose of the unit is to supply electric energy to industrial and domestic facilities, to compensate for lack of energy during peak loads, and to operate on a standby basis. The electric power plant is equipped with electric starting systems with system for starting and accepting loads with subsequent continuous operation, the systems of protection and indication of the state of the main engine parameters, as well as the modular noise suppression system. The GTE-MS-2.5D gas turbine drive used operates on gaseous or liquid fuel and their mixture as well. It is able to switch upon operator command from one fuel type to another without unloading and electric power plant stop.

Main advantages:

  • high reliability;
  • works steadily as independent unit and in parallel with external power system;
  • features high maintainability and is simple and easy to control;
  • does not require big investments for putting into operation;
  • transportability.

Basic specifications:

Power, kW:  
rated 2500
maximum 2750
Current AC, three-phase
Voltage, V 6300/10500/13800
Frequency, Hz 50/60
Fuel natural and casing-head gas
Drive net efficiency at rated load, %
(without regard to losses at the input and exhaust)
Overall dimensions, m
(without noise suppressor)
Weight, kg
(without noise suppressors)

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