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EG 6000 family

The sets are designed to supply electric energy to the users of industrial and domestic facilities at main and other operating modes. The sets are manufactured in the modular-transportable version. The sets are manufactured in the modular-transportable version. They are operated within the temperature range of –60 °C to +50 °C using gaseous or liquid fuel or a mixture of them, with the change-over from one fuel to the other without stopping the power generating set, either independently or in parallel with the network system. The GTD starting is effected from an elrctric starter.

Main advantages:

  • high quality of generated energy;
  • high reliability;
  • high ecological parameters;
  • high transportability and plant preparedness level;
  • the sets are equipped with all necessary equipment providing self-contained operation.

Basic specifications:

  EG 6000MS
Power, kW:
rated 6000
maximum 7200
Current AC, three-phase
Voltage, V
6300, 10500/13800
Frequency, Hz 50/60
gaseous fuel (natural gas or associated gas) or liquid fuel (diesel or jet engine) or a mixture of them
Drive net efficiency at rated load, %, not less than 31
Overall dimensions (when assembled), m:
length 20
width 9,3
height, not more than 11,8
Weight, kg 80000

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