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Knee joint prosthetic implant Motor Sich EPK-2

Motor Sich EPK-2 is designed for radical operative therapy of all types of deceases and damages to joints causing deformation of joint surface when conservative therapy is inefficient (arthropathy deformans, ankylosis, avascular necrosis, tumour destruction and major trauma of the articular surfaces). It recuperates completely biomechanics of the knee joint. The use of the Motor Sich EPK-2 provides for social rehabilitation of the patients. The endoprosthesis consists of the crural component, insert, patellar component, attachment retainer and fixing screw. The crural component is made of the cobalt-chrome-molybdenum alloy according to Standard ISO 5832-4. The insert and patellar component are made of the ultrahigh-molecule polyethylene of grade chirulen of cross-link type according to Standard ISO 5832-2. The attachment retainer is made of titanium alloy -1 according to Standard GOST 19807.

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