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The engines are designed to power the civil airplanes and their versions servicing medium-range routes. The engines of this family feature a wide gas dynamic stability margin at all power conditions, altitudes and flight speeds. The specific feature of the engine, aimed at the improvement of its operational reliability, is the availability of the automatic systems protecting the engine against limit power overloads.

Main advantages of the engine:

  • high reliability;
  • long service life;
  • simple design;
  • high maintainability.

Basic specifications:


Engine AI-24 Series 2 AI-24VT AI-24T
Take off power (SLS, ISA)
Propeller shaft power, h.p.(kW) 2550 (1875) 2820 (2074) 2820 (2074)
Specific fuel consumption, kg/eq.h.p.•h (kg/eqkW•h) 0,267 (0,363) 0,265 (0,360) 0,265 (0,360)
Cruise power (H=6000 m, ISA) Мп=0,44 Мп=0,32 Мп=0,44
Propeller shaft power, h.p.(kW) 1650 (1214) 1650 (1214) 1650 (1214)
Specific fuel consumption, kg/eq.hp.•h (kg/eqkW•h) 0,228 (0,309) 0,239 (0,324) 0,235 (0,319)
Engine dry weight, kg 600 600 600


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