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The engine is designed for civil UAV.

Main advantages of the engine:

  • high reliability;
  • high fuel efficiency;
  • low thrust-to-weight ratio;
  • long period of operation and storage in aircraft and insignificant scope of maintenance operations;
  • quick and reliable starting within wide range of environmental conditions as well as altitudes and airspeed;
  • resistance to instability of engine inlet air pressure and temperature;
  • capability of inadvertent surge recovery;
  • compact and simple single-shaft design;
  • built-in electric generator providing power supply to aircraft systems;
  • electronic-and-hydraulic automatic control system which does not need adjustment during storage and operation;
  • feasibility of air bleeds for aircraft needs.

Basic specifications:

Maximum power SLS, ISA
Thrust, kgf (kN) 400 (3,92)
SFC, kg/kgf•h (kg/kN•h)max ≤ 0.85 (86.6)
Overall dimensions
Engine diameter with respect to cowling, mm 315
Length, mm 850
Dry weight, kg 85

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