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D-36, Series 1, 2A, 3A

The D-36, series 1, turbofan engines are installed in passenger airplanes. The D-36, series 2A, 3A, turbofan engines are installed in passenger-transport airplanes.
Perfect design and highly developed mass production ensure the engine`s quality and reliability.
Easy maintenance and possibility of comprehensive operational diagnostics of the engine on wing bring about reliable engine on-condition operation.

Main advantages of the engine:

  • Low specific fuel consumption;
  • High reliability;
  • Long service life;
  • Low levels of noise and emissions of air pollutants;
  • High maintainability and repairability ensured by the modular design;
  • Universal mount for installing the engine on various airplanes in underwing or overwing, fuselage or side positions without changing the engine design.

Basic specifications:

  D-36 Ser. 1, 2A D-36 Ser. 3A
Emergency power condition (SLS, ISA +15 °C):
Thrust, kgf (kN) 6500(63.76) 6500(63.76)
Takeoff power condition (SLS, ISA):
Thrust, kgf (kN) 6500 (63.76) 6500 (63.76)
Specific fuel consumption, kg/kgf•h (kg/kN•h) 0.350 (35.7) 0.350 (35.7)
Cruise power condition (H = 8000 m, Mfl = 0.75, ISA):
Thrust, kgf (kN) 1600 (15.69) 1600 (15.69)
Specific fuel consumption, kg/kgf•h (kg/kN•h) 0.630(64.2) 0.630(64.2)
Dry weight, kg 1124 1124

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