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The engine has been optimized to be operated on up-to-date trainers and complies with strict requirements for the engines of this class.

Basic specifications:

Full afterburner thrust rating (SLS, ISA, уinl=1,0 ):  
thrust, kgf (flat rated to ISA+15°C), not less 4200
SFC, kg/kgf•h, not more 1.9
(H=11000 m; Mfl=1.4; ISA; уinl=0,97 ):  
thrust, kgf 2760
Max thrust rating (SLS, ISA, уinl=1,0 ):  
thrust, kgf 2500
SFC, kg/kgf•h, not more 0.66
air flow rate, kg/s 49.7
pressure ratio 15.43
by-pass ratio 1.18
maximum TIT, K 1471
Dimensions and weight  
Fan diameter, mm 624
Length, mm 3138*
Weight, dry (to State Standard 17106-90), kg, not more 560

* length from front flange to nozzle throat.

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