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AI9-3B auxiliary gas-turbine engine is designed for the civil airplanes and helicopters.
The gas-turbine engine has been developed on the background of vast experience in manufacturing and operating the AI-9 base gas-turbine engine and it brings about low production costs, high reliability, and long service life.
The gas-turbine engine is used for starting aircraft propulsion engines and conditioning crew cabin and passenger compartment together with powering airborne electric equipment.

    Use of AI9-3B gas-turbine engine provides for:
  • expansion of the range of aircraft utilization;
  • reduction of propulsion engines operating time;
  • improvement of safe aircraft maintenance;
  • reduced expenditures for auxiliary ground facilities and maintenance manpower;
  • availability of additional air and electric power source in flight up to 6000 m.

Basic specifications:

(SLS, ISA+30°C):
AC aircraft electric system power supply, kV·A 16
Bled air flow, kg/s 0.47
Bled air pressure, kgf/cm2 4.0
Bled air temperature, °C 190
Fuel consumption, kg/h, max 92
Total engine weight, kg 112

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