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The unit is used as a ground and in-flight power source effecting supply of compressed air to the starting system of the helicopter engines and electric power to the helicopter mains when checking the helicopter electrical and radio equipment.

Main advantages of the engine:

  • high standard of reliability
  • design simplicity
  • ease of maintenance and high repairability

Basic specifications:

specification AI-9V AI-9V series 1
Rated rotational speed, RPM 36750+475 36750+475
Air bleeds, kg/s 0.4 0.4
Bleed air total pressure, MPa, min 0.29 0.31
Bleed air temperature, K 433 433
Power across generator terminals, kw 3 3; 4.5
Fuel consumption, kg/h, max 75 76
Dry weight, kg, max (without generator) 57 57
Combined mode of power generation and air bleeding N/A AV
Mode of cabin air conditioning N/A AV

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