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Motor Sich JSC is not going to be satisfied with what has already been achieved


After successful test and fuel feed system installation allowing the operation on the PAES-2500 family by using two types of fuel (natural gas / liquid fuel), the Management Team of our Company made a resolution to use similar system on the GTE-6/6,3 М1UHL1 gas turbine plants manufactured by Motor Sich.
During operation the natural gas and the ТС-1, Т-2 liquid petroleum oils were used in compliance with State Standards of Ukraine (GOST 10227-86), including diesel-fuel oil which meets the requirement of State Standards of Ukraine (GOST 305-82 and DSTU 3868-99) In 2018 our Company was entrusted with a task to manufacture the gas turbine plant (GTP) which can serve as an emergency power source used in energy security system of A-plants located in Ukraine. One of the main requirements to gas turbine plant is the quick activation of emergency power source, while the operation at rated power should be possible within the shortest period.
The GTE-6/6,3 М1UHL1 commercial gas turbine plants manufactured by Motor Sich ensure the start under conditions that rated power (6 MW) is gained within 9.5 minutes. During modernization of GTP and automatic control systems (the GTP-8/MS-E and the GPT automatic control system) following result was achieved: The GTE-6/6,3 М1UHL1 gas turbine plant manufactured by Motor Sich ensures the start when the rated power (6 MW) operation is possible within 55 seconds.

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