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Motor Sich JSC continues certification work for MSB-2 and MSB-8 helicopters


Since 2010, one of the main activities of Motor Sich JSC is development, manufacture and subsequent certification of helicopter products. The firstborn helicopters created under the Motor Sich helicopter program, which received certificates from the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine, were upgraded Mi 8MSB and Mi-2 helicopters powered by the AI-450M-B engines. After gaining experience in upgrading of the helicopter equipment, Zaporozhye aircraft manufacturers launched a program of development of the new helicopter designs, such as MSB-2 and MSB-8.
The MSB-2 helicopter Nadia is a new light multi-purpose helicopter. This helicopter model is equipped with the AI-450M-P engines with 465 hp take-off power each, developed by Ivchenko Progress SE, and a new transmission based on the VR-442P main gearbox, developed by Motor Sich JSC. Despite the helicopter belongs to the light class of helicopters, it can carry 7 to 9 passengers. Composite materials are widely used in the MSB-2 design. The expected service ceiling is 5,000 m, and flight range together with the main fuel tanks is 730 km.
The new civil helicopter MSB-8 is the result of many years of work of Motor Sich specialists. It is designed for a wide range of commercial applications: transportation of passengers and goods, search of injured, medical evacuation in emergency as well as for other civil applications. At present, experimental work is being carried out at Motor Sich JSC, and the results of this work will be used for certification of the helicopter. On the first prototype, the TV3-117VMA-SBM1V engines and the upgraded VR-14MS main gearbox are installed.
At the next stage of the work it is planned to replace the metal rotor blades with composite ones. For their production, the technological equipment is being installed at Motor Sich facilities and commissioning works are underway.
It is also being planned to increase maximum take-off weight of the helicopter up to 15 tons, due to which the number of blades will be increased to six and a new rotor hub has been developed. It is expected to increase the load capacity up to 5000 kg inside the cargo-passenger compartment and up to 6000 kg on the external sling.
For the MSB-8 modification with increased take-off weight more powerful engines will be used and a new self-designed VR-17 gearbox, which undergoes tests now.
In addition to the increased take-off weight and payload, the MSB-8 civil helicopter will feature improved flight performance. The expected maximum flight altitude is 7500 m, and the ferry range is 1467 km.

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