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New record 14 ton!


On July 3, 2019 one more stage of the factory testing of the MSB-8 civil helicopter test prototype took place on the premises of the flight-test complex Motor Sich JSC. The takeoff weight is 14,000 kg, which is 1,000 kg more than this value for the Mi-8 (17) helicopter. The outside air temperature is +32. After the test hovering the helicopter reached the 4,000 m altitude.
As a reminder, the MSB-8 is a new type of the helicopter created as a result of the step-by-step, evolutionary development on the basis of the Mi-8MSB helicopter airframe design. At that, compared to the base model in addition to changes to the design, the performance characteristics have also been changed. The MSB-8 helicopter is intended for civil application employing modern technologies and avionics.

    Main advantages of the helicopter:
  • Cutting edge engines of the TV3-117VMA-SBM1V family by Motor Sich JSC with increased power and FADEC;
  • Main rotor blades and tail rotor blades out of the composite material;
  • BP-17MC main gear box;
  • XT-17MC tail transmission with laminated couplings;
  • Modern electrical equipment and avionics.


The certification works began in 2015. The planned direction of sales is the markets in Ukraine, EU and developing countries.
In prospect, it is planned to improve the performance characteristics of the helicopter by means of installing the 6-blade main rotor with hingeless bushing and 4-blade X-shaped tail rotor.
Also, the airframe of the test prototype has been improved by means of installing additional right door. At this time, all Mi-8MSB helicopters may be updated per customers request by means of installing additional sliding door on the starboard side.
Besides, the helicopter is equipped with the vibration damper intended to improve the working conditions of the crew, increase comfort level of the passengers, decrease the vibration loads on the airframe and helicopter systems, as well as to increase the operation reliability of the aviation and avionics equipment. The pendulum vibration damper developed and produced by Motor Sich JSC is reliable and easy to maintain. The power supply is not required. The moving parts are protected from the external effects by the fairings.

Weight data of the record-setting flight, kg:
Takeoff weight 14000
Weight of empty helicopter 7400
Full load weight 6600
     Crew 160
     Fuel (2,340 l) 1813,5
     Oil and hydraulic fluid 60,5
     Accessories (vibration damper) 96
     Airborne data measurement system 70
     Load 4400







The weighting factor of the helicopter during the described flight is 0.47, which corresponds to the level of the best equivalent helicopters worldwide.

Video about the flight of the prototype helicopter MSB-8 with a take-off weight of 14 tons.

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