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5th International youth scientific and technical conference

5th International scientific and technical conference of the aircraft industry young professionals Youth in the aviation: new solutions and advanced technologies will be held from 16 to 20 May 2001 in the holiday hotel Horizon, Alushta.
The conference will be held by Motor Sich JSC under the auspices of the  Ministry of Education of Ukraine,  National Academy of Science of Ukraine,  National Technical University of Zaporozhye,  E.N. Zhukovsky National Aerospace University, Kharkov Aeronautical Institute, Association Union of aero engines manufacture, Ivchenko-Progress ZMKB SE.

Conferencing goal: stimulation of the innovative activities of the young engineers, specialists, aeronautical engineering scientists and academicians into solution of the technical, technological, economic and energy-saving problems; promoting the improvement of the industrial welfare; reduction of production cost in the field of the aircraft industry. 

Objectives of the scientific and technical conference: bringing the youth attention to solving scientific, engineering and production problems, exchange of progressive experience, demonstration of the best developments and their commissioning. 

Conference participants: engineers and experts of the leading enterprises, related to the aeronautical engineering, as well as students, masters, post-graduates and the young scientists can take part in the scientific and technical conference, provided that their age does not exceed 35 years.


Subjects of the conference:

  • design construction and reliability of the aircraft gas turbine engines;
  • new constructional materials in the aircraft materials technology;
  • general problems of the aeronautical engineering;
  • aerotechnics manufacturing technology;
  • computer-aided manufacturing;
  • quality management, metrology;
  • manufacturing organization, economics, management and finances.


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