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Competition of Tree Fellers


The annual All Ukrainian Competition of Professional Tree Fellers was held on October 02, 2015 at the Teterevskoye forestry in Kiev region. The competition was opened by Alexander Kovalchuk, Head of State Forest Resources Agency, Stepan Krivovyazov, Head of Central Committee of Forest Workers in Ukraine, Alexander Yaresko, Chairman of Forester Community in Ukraine, and Alexei Zelenyuk.
Director of Consumer Goods Production of MOTOR SICH JSC. Based on the results of the competitions the representatives of the MOTOR SICH JSC team won price-winning places: Ilya Domashkin won price-winning place of juniors and his father, Sergei Domashkin, won price-winning place of seniors. Exhibition and sale of the consumer goods, such as gasoline saws, separators, meat grinders, juicers and other equipment, were of special interest among the participants.
All participants mentioned the high organizational level of the competitions and thanked MOTOR SICH JSC management for provided opportunity to show their professional skills.

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