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         on origination of special information about Issuer

1. General Information
     1.1. Full name of the Issuer - MOTOR SICH Joint Stock Company
     1.2. Corporate form of the Issuer - joint stock company
     1.3. Enterprise code of the Issuer - 14307790
     1.4. Location of the Issuer – 15, Motorobudivnykiv Av., Zaporizhzhia 69068.
     1.5. Inter-city phone code, phone number and fax number of the Issuer - (ph.) 0617204211, fax (061) 7205000
     1.6. E-mail of the Issuer -
     1.7. Web-site of the Issuer
     1.8. Web page that is used by the Issuer for additional informing -
  1.9. Type of special information according to requirements of reference item 3, Section IV of this Regulation – information on change of shareholders who possess 10 and more percent of voting shares. 
   2. Text of Notification  
     MOTOR SICH Joint Stock Company(hereinafter the Company) informs that it has taken information on change of shareholders who possess10 and more percent of voting sharesfrom the overall accounting register submitted by depositary Vseukrainsky Depositari Tsinnykh Paperiv Private Joint Stock Company on February 14, 2013. The information is the following:  
     Shareholderlegalentity - The Bank of New York Mellon, TheUnitedStatesofAmerica (code BN, location: TheUnitedStatesofAmericaNY 10286 New York 1 Wall-Street) thatpossessedstockofsharesintheamountof 203203 shares(9.78%  of voting shares) has expanded its stock of shares by acquisition. As a result its stock of shares estimates 217594 pcs now(10.47% of voting shares).
     Shareholderlegalentity - BUSINESS HOUSE HELENA, AG, Panama (code 425217, location: Panama,Panama,ap. Marta, floor 4, No. 4-а) thatpossessedstockofsharesintheamountof195343 shares (9.4% of votingshares) has expanded its stock of shares by acquisition. As a result its stock of shares estimates 359727 pcsnow (17.13% of voting shares).
    3. Signature
The undersigned person confirms the eligibility of information contained in the notification.
Chairman of the Board of Directors ofMOTOR SICH JSC        V.A.Boguslayev

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