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                           on origination of special information about Issuer

              1. General Information
     1.1. Full name of the Issuer - MOTOR SICH Joint Stock Company
     1.2. Corporate form of the Issuer - joint stock company
     1.3. Enterprise code of the Issuer - 14307794
     1.4. Location of the Issuer – 15, Motorobudivnykiv Av., Zaporizhzhia 69068.
     1.5. Inter-city phone code, phone number and fax number of the Issuer - (ph.) 0617204211, fax (061) 7205000
     1.6. E-mail of the Issuer -
     1.7. Web-site of the Issuer
     1.8. Web page that is used by the Issuer for additional informing -
     1.9. Type of special information  - information on change of membership of Issuer’s officials.
              2. Text of Notification 
     Stock Exchange FSTS (the First Stock Trading System) has informed MOTOR SICH JSC by means of letter No 0999 dated 08.07.2013 that security papers of MOTOR SICH JSC namely common registered shares of dematerialized form of existence, with nominal value of 1 share 135 UAH, in the amount of 2077990 ea, have been transferred from the FSTS Quotation List of first level listing to the FSTS Quotation List of second level listing according to paragraph 5.15 of  Stock Exchange FSTS JSC Rules as per Resolution of FSTS Operation Department No. 0807/2013/5 dated 08.07.2013.
Quantity (in percentage points) of security papers with changed level of listing in relation to the overall quantity of security papers is 100 %.
Date of security papers issue registration - 20.04.2011
Number of certificate of security papers issue registration - 205/1/11
Title of body that has registered issue of security papers at state level -  State Commission on Security Papers and Stock Exchange.       
MOTOR SICH JSC common registered shares of dematerialized form of existence in the amount of 2077990 eaare still in listing.
Shareholders of Company are entitled to:
- take part in Company ruling, which includes:
1) participation in general meeting of shareholders of Company;
2) voting at general meeting;
3) right to elect and to be elected to management bodies of Company;
4) offering proposals to agenda of general meeting;
- receiving dividends;
- receiving part of the Company assets or the cost of part of the Company assets in case of Company dissolution;
- receiving information on business activity of the company upon primary written requests and notifications to the Company executive body;
- alienation of security papers that witness Company membership, in accordance with the Law;
- withdrawal from the company in accordance with the established procedure.                          
   3. Signature
Theundersignedperson confirms the eligibility of information contained in the notification.
Acting Chairman of the Board of Directors ofMOTOR SICH JSC       S.A.Voitenko

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