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2003 year

Annual general meeting of "Motor Sich"JSC shareholders.

Date of the shareholders’ general meeting   March 20, 2003
Place of the shareholders’ general meeting   Zaporozhye, 8th of March St., 15
Date and time of registration of shareholders   March 20, 2003; 09:00 to 13:00
The meeting began at   14.00
Date of composition of the list of persons entitled to take part in the meeting   March 20, 2003


  • Report on Motor Sich JSC Supervisory Board activity in the year 2002.
    Reporter : Yakovlev V.B. – Supervisory Board Chairman.
  • On economic status of the joint stock company in the year 2002: period under report and pros-pects for 2003.
    Reporter : Boguslayev V.A. – Board of Directors Chairman.
  • Report of Auditing Commission on the results of financial and economic activity of the Company in the year 2002 and during the whole period under report.
    Reporter : Polyvyany A.N. – Auditing Commission Chairman.
  • Actual use of funds-in-trust formed at the expense of profit, distribution of net profit according to the results of the year 2002, formation and distribution of profit as per the plan for 2003.
    Reporter : Garin O.L. – Chief Economist.
  • On changes and amendments to the Charter of Motor Sich JSC, organizational structure of the Company.
    Reporter : Techko I.V. – Deputy Director General.
  • Elections of the Supervisory Board of Motor Sich JSC.
  • Elections of the Board of Directors of Motor Sich JSC.
  • Elections of the Auditing Commission of Motor Sich JSC.
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