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Dividends for 2009

Following the decision of general meeting of shareholders of MOTOR SICH JSC from March 25, 2010 where it was taken the decision to spend a part of net profit in an amount equal to 5.9mln.UAH for dividend payment which is equivalent of 3 UAH per one share, the Supervisory Board of MOTOR SICH JSC adopted following resolution:

            1. Consider June 25, 2010 as the fixed date of compiling the shareholder register for dividend payment;

            2. Dividend payment will start three month after holding the general meeting of shareholders (June 25, 2010) and be effected within one year;

            3. Dividend payment is effected at the shareholder’s option: bank transfer to clearing account, mail transfer or via the cash office of Company (for shareholders -legal persons: bank transfer to clearing account).


Dividend amount paid out to legal persons comes to 3.00 UAH per one share.

Under dividend payment income tax is withheld from natural persons in an amount equal to 15% which comes to 0.45 UAH., dividend amount paid out to natural persons is equal to 2.55UAH per one share. More detailed information concerning dividend taxation scheme is provided in section«Income assessment method applicable for shareholders».

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