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This site presents the list of investor companies and analysts who are regular contributors to the Motor Sich JSC site that publishes reviews of Motor Sich JSC activities. To get independent analytical reports, please contact directly the analysts enlisted. Motor Sich JSC is not liable for the accuracy of information and conclusions presented in the reports.


Phoenix Capital
Postal address: 27/23, Sofyivska str., Kiev, 01001, Ukraine
Phone: (+380 44) 254-62-75
Company Web site:

Alfa Capital
Postal address: 77-a, Krasnoarmeiskaya str.Kiev 03150 Ukraine
Phone: (+380 44) 490 1600 
Company Web site:

Dragon Capital
Postal address: 36-d, Saksagansky str. Kiev 01033 Ukraine
Phone: (+380 44) 490 7120 
Company Web

Concorde Capital
Postal address: 2, Mechnikova Str., 21st Floor, Business Center 'Parus',Kyiv,01601
Phone: (+380 44) 391 5577 
Company Web

Foyil Securities New Europe close corporation
Postal address: 8, Ilyinskaya str., apartments section 2, 5th floor Kiev 04070 Ukraine
Phone: (+380 44) 537 75775
Company Web

NRG Capital
Mail address: 01001, Kiev, Muzeyny Pereulok str., 4, 6th floor, Business Center “Europa”
Telephone: (+380 44) 591-15-15
Official site:

Sokrat Investment Company
Mail address: 01601, Kiev, Mechnicov str., 2, 8th floor. Business Center "Parus"
Telephone:(+380 44) 207 01 00
Official site:

Astrum Investment Management
Mail address: 01030, Kiev, B.Khmelnitskiy str., 19-21, Leonardo Business Center
Telephone: (+380 44) 2204422 
Official site:


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